Whether you’re taking proactive measures to slow the aging process or considering wrinkle reduction injections to restore lost firmness and volume, Sleek Aesthetics is proud to offer a wide range of safe, effective and pain-free cosmetic services throughout Staten Island and the surrounding region.

No reminder is needed on how influential one’s appearance is in today’s world. At Sleek Aesthetics in Staten Island, we impart over 25 years of professional experience in nursing, cosmetics and anti-aging to each client we serve. Discover our full offering of services or schedule your free initial consultation today.

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Wrinkle Treatments Staten Island NY

Wrinkle Treatments

If you’re considering Botox® injections in Staten Island, our team has the experience and compassion to ensure the most safe and effective results

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Dermal Fillers Staten Island NY

Dermal Fillers

Sleek Aesthetics proudly offers JUVÉDERM® injections and age-related volume restoration for those seeking a firmer, more elastic and youthful appearance

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Cosmetic Nursing

From advanced makeup and aesthetic services to expert beauty consultations and cosmetic training, we go to great lengths to keep you looking remarkable

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Hypertrophy of the masseter muscle can lead to a square face and broad jaw condition. As one of today's most exciting and innovative procedures, Sleek Aesthetics offers face slimming treatments by injecting Botox® into the enlarged muscle to reduce it's size, giving a more oval and slim look to the face.

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Innovative Staten Island Wrinkle
Treatments from an Experienced RN

For over 25 years, Sleek Aesthetics founder and Registered Nurse Josephine Sigua-Tabije RN has dedicated her passion and talents towards helping others live life to its fullest. As a Certified Aesthetic RN Injector, her comprehensive training and clinical experience is evident in each client she works with. From simple makeup and cosmetic consultations to today's most advanced wrinkle reduction procedures and dermal filler injections, we’re honored to offer our friends and neighbors in Staten Island a safe, effective and pain-free way to turn back the visible hands of time. We invite you to discover what sets us apart by browsing our site, or contacting us directly to schedule your first appointment.

Sleek Aesthetics is located in the heart of Staten Island and currently offering free initial consultations on all of our services. Get in touch by phone at 917-936-3330 or write to us in confidence through our secure contact page.